featured - Raikkonen's Abu Dhabi's Test after Years Not Competing

Raikkonen’s Abu Dhabi’s Test after Years Not Competing

Kimi Raikkonen is a Finnish car driver who won the Formula 1 championship and other titles, including being on the top 3 podia of some competitions. But in 2009 he decided to quit and start undertaking in the world of the Rally championships.

But he has returned to Formula 1 after some years, even this year he participated and was ranked No. 19. The year 2019 will be also participating with the Swiss team. Raikkonen has become a legend of speed racing and is even a reference for many pilots. And he’s already preparing to compete in Abu Dhabi with Pirelli.

dwayne zandberg 699862 unsplash - Raikkonen's Abu Dhabi's Test after Years Not Competing

His New Car

He’s competing with Sauber’s C37, and recently in his last race, he managed to reach 10 laps in just one hour. With a suit designed without any particular brand and with a black helmet to provide protection, is the clothing that is being used.

Some other pilots are also preparing for future competitions next year, such as Valtteri Bottas sponsored by Mercedes, Max Verstappen sponsored by Red Bull and Nico Hulkenberg sponsored by Renault.

His New Sponsor

Currently, Kimi is being sponsored by Sauber, curiously the brand that began to sponsor him to his beginnings in the world of racing cars and leaving Ferrari, a decision that generated some comments of surprise.

ferrari - Raikkonen's Abu Dhabi's Test after Years Not Competing

Ferrari Has The Next One

And will be replaced at Ferrari by one of the youngest drivers of all, Charles Leclerc, only 20 years old. And recently even the Ferrari brand publicly expressed words of thanks and affection towards Kimi.

Raikkonen is the most veteran driver who is currently competing. He even recently took the No. 3 spot in the Grand Prix. And it’s one of the most anticipated to see compete next year in the different competitions.

And above all, many people are curious to see him compete again in Abu Dhabi after many years without participating; so many people will be watching him.

featured 3 - A Beginner's Guide - Formula 1 Betting for Newcomers

A Beginner’s Guide – Formula 1 Betting for Newcomers

Formula 1 and other racing competitions really have many fans worldwide and is one of the sports with more bets in the gaming houses. In case you want to venture into bets, here you have some tips for newcomers:

hanson lu 1065237 unsplash - A Beginner's Guide - Formula 1 Betting for Newcomers

You Must Inform Yourself

You must inform yourself very well about how the championships work, it’s necessary to do any betting. Also know about the pilots, their sponsors, the changes that will be made in the cars and much more.


Some basic things about races are different from any sport we have seen. For example, the events of the competition have duration of 1 to three weeks and the most basic bet that’s made is to choose a particular driver who will win.

Like all bets, choosing the favorite pilots to win doesn’t generate much profit, actually, very few will be the money obtained, while betting on several pilots who aren’t favorites, and risking you can earn a lot more even than your investment.


First, the test races begin, and from there the pilots will be eliminated from the last ones until there are 4 to 6 pilots who will be in the final for the title as such. In some way an advantage of having a little more warranty to see the development of the pilot in the rest of the races.

hanson lu 1065224 unsplash - A Beginner's Guide - Formula 1 Betting for Newcomers

Live Betting

Live bets are very common here, where you can choose which pilots are exactly on the first, second and third podium. But you must keep your head fresh and attentive to what to do because that way you can know how to choose correctly.

Actually betting on Formula 1 races isn’t so difficult, but if it’s something essential to learn a little of it and thus be able to familiarize yourself more to know what to do in any case.

featured 4 - Grosjean Affected by His Subpar Performance in 2018's Formula 1 Campaign

Grosjean Affected by His Subpar Performance in 2018’s Formula 1 Campaign

Romain Grosjean is a French driver who has won several professional championships. Although in the last few years he hasn’t won any important titles, the 2018 season has been marred by some personal and professionals events.

The 2018 season started well, trying to be in the top 10 of the competitions, but after some personal incidents, it has cost him dearly, even the uncertainty if he could continue competing nationally for not knowing if he continued with his contract.

david blume 1069798 unsplash - Grosjean Affected by His Subpar Performance in 2018's Formula 1 Campaign

Some Difficult Moments

A dark and unstable moment that Grosjean lived practically costs his career, but after a time of personal and spiritual recovery which helped him to recover his mental focus, he had the chance to be better, as is something that benefits in a good way because he found a new sponsor with a new contract and much more.

One of the incidents that caused a big impact in his career, was the accident at the Grand Prix of Belgium in 2012 that he caused when trying to infiltrate a small space that ended up crashing Lewis Hamilton, Kamui Kobayashi and other cars, suffering a chain of clashes, receiving as a penalty the disqualification of the Gran Prix Italia championship.

But in several interviews, he has repeated that now he’s focused on starting from scratch and not allowing the mistakes of the past to affect him again or simply repeating them since he was defrauding himself.

george sultan 1084289 unsplash - Grosjean Affected by His Subpar Performance in 2018's Formula 1 Campaign

On The Road Again

As Grosjean is defined, the steering wheel and the adrenaline of running has become part of him, a job that really isn’t so much work because it’s something that he does with so much passion that he would never become a burden.

But now he confesses that he has returned with more strength and desire than ever to fight and enjoy his work, receiving some lessons and trying not to repeat it again, because it was one of the most regrettable episodes of his life.

A very important thing of how any bad experience or difficult moment can become a lesson that will not repeat and grow as a person to make mistakes and fall, but allowing you to get up and move forward and with much more strength.


featured 2 - 5 Racers Who Are Earning Big Bucks This Season

5 Racers Who Are Earning Big Bucks This Season

The racers are one of the athletes who earn the most, due to the risk that their lives run at the moment of a race. So it’s no surprise to know the amount of money that this top of drivers earns:

diego gavilanez 1224697 unsplash - 5 Racers Who Are Earning Big Bucks This Season

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi is one of the oldest pilots still competing, veterans and legends who have already made history in Formula 1. It was sponsored by Ferrari, and his contract was valued at $7 million annually.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has already become a Formula 1 legend, he’s currently the No. 1 worldwide, is sponsored by the Mercedes team and has won dozens of titles in his 33 years and has a salary of $40 million annually. He is one to bet on with your eyes closed.

Fernando Alonso

This Spanish also competes in Formula 1 and has made history in his country by breaking as many records as a race driver, being the only Spaniard to have won a F1 Grand Prix. His salary is $34 million per year.

diego gavilanez 1224696 unsplash - 5 Racers Who Are Earning Big Bucks This Season

Danica Patrick

This renowned driver who participates in the NASCAR series is sponsored by Stewart-Haas Racing and has an annual salary of more than $7 million dollars; one of the best paid in this particular series. Our site has the best information for you.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is another competitor of the Formula1 and is one of the strongest contributors of Lewis Hamilton, as he even won 4 consecutive championships, breaking records. He has a salary of $38 million and is part of the Ferrari team.

The world of Formula 1 and other automotive competitions is one of the most money-centered sports by the number of sponsors they have, major brands that are very important and recognized worldwide, as well as the number of viewers and fans that exist. That’s why the pilots are well protected and paid.


featured 6 - 6 Motorsport Events Anyone Should Know

6 Motorsport Events Anyone Should Know

There are many Motorsport Events that many people may not have related and that are excellent, that you will surely enjoy to the fullest. That’s why here we bring you some of them to know them more:

pietro de grandi 254810 unsplash - 6 Motorsport Events Anyone Should Know

The Grand Prix of Monaco

The best-known of all Formula 1, it’s an honor for any driver to even compete there, and above all, to win it. It began to be played in the late 1920s where cars with 700 horsepower engines compete.

The Belgian Grand Prix

This is one of the most important competitions in the world. The best riders in the world compete and have won people who have become legends of the world of speed racing.

chuttersnap 381982 unsplash 1 - 6 Motorsport Events Anyone Should Know

The Reno Airstrips

This is an aerial race that takes place every year in Reno, United States during the month of September. It’s different from what we usually see, which are normally pure cars, but this is one of the most important in the world of aeronautics.

The Italian Grand Prix at Monza

The Italian Grand Prix is ​a motor racing that takes place in Italy, the first that emerged in the world of racing and even began to practice since 1920 and has become one of the most important titles for any pilot.

alex holyoake 340788 unsplash - 6 Motorsport Events Anyone Should Know

Rally Finland

This speed car race is done around 1000 lakes in Jyväskylä, Finland on an annual basis. The last champion was Esapekka Lappi, and this championship is characterized by one of the most difficult because of the number of obstacles it must overcome such as rains, roads in poor condition, and much more.

TT Isle of Man

This is well-known as the Tourist Trophy or International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, and much more. It began to celebrate in early 1900 being one of the oldest motorcycling races, and the most emblematic. They’re made with totally closed roads to what would be the traffic.

These and many more are the Motorsport Events that you should know, and above all, open your mind and appreciate in the case of motorsport those championships that go beyond car racing.

featured 7 - 5 Tips to Follow when Betting on Motorsports

5 Tips to Follow when Betting on Motorsports

Formula 1 and NASCAR are some of the racing competitions that generate millions of profits and have many fans around the world; generating trends with each of the finals and with pilot legends that have gone down in history.

But particularly the Motorsport is a sport very often because it isn’t only based on motor racing, there is also MotoGP or aerial competitions and much more; being of the favorites of each fan that admires some of the types of motorsport.

And in case you’re interested in this world of motorsport and also want to take advantage of it by making bets during the races of the championships, you have come to the right place. So here we have some tips to follow when betting on motorsports:

damon lam 768953 unsplash - 5 Tips to Follow when Betting on Motorsports

Direct Bets

The direct bets in the world of Formula 1 and other motorsports is where you bet on an individual driver who will win the championship in advance, before the start of the competition.

Complicated Bet

This bet is a bit more difficult since you must bet that the driver will be the one who will win the most during the year, in the different championships, and this will be known depending on the number of points that the drivers have accumulated. The one that has more is the winner.

george sultan 1126385 unsplash - 5 Tips to Follow when Betting on Motorsports

Rival Bets

There is also a modality where you can bet a rivalry between two teams, that’s, for example, you choose the Mercedes Benz team vs the Ferrari team. Depending on which of these two pilots is in the highest position, it’s the one that will win the bet.

Fastest Lap

This is another form of betting where you must choose which racer in particular will be the one who completes the race in the shortest time possible.

Podium Bets

This bet particularly you should bet on which will be the top3 of the pilots that will be in each position in the final of a particular competition.

One of the advantages of motorsports in particular is that in addition to having a wide variety of these types of practices, in each of them they offer a variety of bets and odds that you can acquire.

Possibly the championship that generates more income and the one that receives more bets is the Formula 1, by its great relevance, its long years in the market or the excellent pilots that it has like Lewis Hamilton that’s sweeping right now. That’s why it’s advisable to place bets on this particularly, because it has many betting options where you can easily choose.