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A Beginner’s Guide – Formula 1 Betting for Newcomers

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Formula 1 and other racing competitions really have many fans worldwide and is one of the sports with more bets in the gaming houses. In case you want to venture into bets, here you have some tips for newcomers:

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You Must Inform Yourself

You must inform yourself very well about how the championships work, it’s necessary to do any betting. Also know about the pilots, their sponsors, the changes that will be made in the cars and much more.


Some basic things about races are different from any sport we have seen. For example, the events of the competition have duration of 1 to three weeks and the most basic bet that’s made is to choose a particular driver who will win.

Like all bets, choosing the favorite pilots to win doesn’t generate much profit, actually, very few will be the money obtained, while betting on several pilots who aren’t favorites, and risking you can earn a lot more even than your investment.


First, the test races begin, and from there the pilots will be eliminated from the last ones until there are 4 to 6 pilots who will be in the final for the title as such. In some way an advantage of having a little more warranty to see the development of the pilot in the rest of the races.

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Live Betting

Live bets are very common here, where you can choose which pilots are exactly on the first, second and third podium. But you must keep your head fresh and attentive to what to do because that way you can know how to choose correctly.

Actually betting on Formula 1 races isn’t so difficult, but if it’s something essential to learn a little of it and thus be able to familiarize yourself more to know what to do in any case.

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