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A Better’s Future – Formula 1 Finally Agreed to Add Gambling Partners

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Formula 1 is the most important racing competition in the world, with amazing prestige, legends, spectacular pilots, incredible income, and above all, very lucrative negotiations.

That’s why it generates so many sponsors of the best brands. But recently Formula 1 has made a spectacular business, by agreeing on a sponsorship with a well-known sports marketing company in the world, and we have all the scoop.

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Parts Involved

Interregional Sports Group (ISG) is the name of the company that’s now associated with the competition, where through it live bets will be allowed in any race during the Grand Prix. But that gives ISG the right to monitor and sublicense the betting area of some particular gaming houses, based on certain internal regulations proposed by the Formula 1 directive itself.

A multi-million dollar business, since the agreement was based on more than $ 100 million dollars, which will also generate a lot more money by allowing new bets in Grand Prix races.

Various forms of integration will be created as a technology for the attraction of this new modality that you will find in F1, such as the massive use of the internet and the social networks, as well as various graphics, brand creation and much more.

Liberty Media Corporation is a North American media company, which distributes the largest number of channels in Europe, in addition to owning Discovery Channel and Eurosport.

This company is the new associate of F1 too, where it will offer a greater advantage to the competition since it will have the possibility of being distributed in the television of countries that never imagined to arrive, besides generating also an incredible profit for Liberty Media that will even be able to double any amount of money you invest in the capital.

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With the new proposal of creating bets as a potential source of income for both, is an excellent form of investment, where you can also create new gaming and betting platforms as such, as well as monitor any company that takes bets illegally and violates their rights as owners.

It was a negotiation that took a long time and many talks between the negotiators to be carried out in a way that pleased both parties, but the main objective according to both is to try to please and create a modality that benefits exclusively the fans.

That’s why many fans are happy about this news because they can have a safe place where they want to do their bets with all the confidence and responsibility possible, in addition, to commit to continuing creating new options for improving the development of F1 for fans in particular.

We know that Formula 1 has excellent deals with very important brands such as Rolex, Emirates and many more, where they’re seeing spectacular gains.

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But with this new project, it will undoubtedly surpass any expectation, where in addition it will provide a legal protection to the rights of the speed races exclusively to the championship, and against any bet that’s made in any home of games too

New things are expected for this very important competition of speed racing, and above all a renewal in some internal and external aspects of Formula 1 and providing the benefit to the fans.

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