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Giedo van der Garde is a website that started on the Internet 5 years ago, by a group of professional sports journalists who decided to undertake this project after a long time of planning.

Our goal is to get all the information through the articles that professional sports journalists write, being totally objective and dedicated to providing you with the most relevant and real news in record time and in the most professional way possible.

Through this page, you can access all the relevant information on sports motorcycling. From professional skills, games, breaking news, stories of origin, criticism and much more.

Giedo van der Garde began as a small project organized by a group of university colleagues of the journalism school, some years ago, with short-term objectives and goals without thinking about the great scope that the page could achieve until today which the whole team has pleasantly surprised.

Motorcycling is a very exciting sport that has many followers worldwide, that originated many years ago and that you can get a variety of competitions, for all tastes such as Motocross, Trial, Supermoto, Rally and many more.

With various personalities who have excelled in this sport and with many legends that have marked a great footprint in motorcycling.

The passion for this sport is what makes this job really not such a difficult job, because we love what we do, in the most respectful, professional and humbly way possible with the simple objective of getting all the most relevant information to all the fans of this sport.

And Giedo van der Garde has grown up in such an incredible way that it really encourages us to continue, because of the constant support that various visitors have provided. Even all kinds of criticisms are important because thanks to that we have tried to improve the page and correct any negative details.

The team behind Giedo van der Garde is composed not only by the 5 creators of the project but also with a staff of more than 10 professionals to provide you with the best articles and information in the world of the internet.

My name is Buford King and I’m one of the CEO of the site that’s dedicated to providing the best to all our loyal visitors who have contributed to the growth of this website. And we will be happy to continue to please all our readers and welcome any new fan of sports motorcycling.